pizza: apple, apple, apple style

chicken apple sausage, a granny smith apple and smoked apple & garlic cheddar.ingredients (for one homemade pizza):
-1 pizza dough (we buy ours from trader joe's but i'm sure other stores sell pre-made dough... or you could always make the dough...)
-olive oil
-sea salt (optional)
-mild cheddar or even mozzarella (as much as you like)
-2 chicken apple sausages (sliced thinly)
-1 granny smith apple (sliced thinly)

preheat oven to highest temperature (with pizza stone in the oven if you have one)
roll dough out as thinly as possible on a flat surface with a bit of flour. brush olive oil over top of the dough. add freshly ground sea salt (optional).
add cheese, as you like.
add sliced sausage and sliced apples and even a little more cheese on top, if you like.
put pizza on the pizza stone or a cookie sheet in the oven.
our pizza came out the perfect golden brown after 6 minutes at about 550 degrees fahrenheit.


this recipe was inspired by shayna & eric, my sister and bro-in-law.

*we also made a similar pizza--- same deal with the dough and the olive oil and salt...
but topped the pizza with mozzarella, sliced pear and gorgonzola cheese. cooked at same temp, for 6 minutes. divine.

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