cupcake shoutout

my favoritest little cupcake shop is called georgetown cupcake. (yes, most of you know that)
i just call it cupcake.

and my favorite food blogger is visiting DC and gave cupcake a little shoutout!!

i commented on the food librarian's blog and said,
"I live in DC... and there are several cupcake shops in the area (but not on every corner). I'm really happy you tried Georgetown though because it is BY FAR the best :)"

then food librarian wrote back and said,
"emily, thanks for visiting my blog. i'm so glad i went to the right cupcake shop in DC!!! i'm also lucky to get great weather too!"

i felt so special :) visit the food librarian for great cooking but mostly baking ideas. i get a lot of my recipes from her and i'm never dissapointed :)

*sigh* i love cupcake.

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