handmade gyoza (pot stickers) "happy chinese new year"

chicken or pork, shredded into small pieces
gyoza wrappers
olive oil
grape seed oil
sesame oil
spices (i used a little parsley and basil. a LITTLE)
bean sprouts
green onions

gyoza dipping sauce (for dipping...)
1 egg

in a wok or frying pan cook chicken, olive oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil, spices, bean sprouts and green onions together. cook until chicken is opaque. shred chicken.
take small amounts of mixture and put in center of a gyoza wrapper. then take raw egg and run along the edge of the gyoza wrapper (used as a sealant). use a fork to seal the two ends together.
in a wok or frying pan with oil of your choice (i prefer olive), fry until golden brown.
...i didn't take a photo of the finished product because my gyoza sort of feel apart. but they were really good!! just make sure they don't stick to the pan or else they don't hold up too well.

*courtesy of my bybes friend :)

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