dixie salad

ingredients (serves 6):
-3 pomegranates
-1 1/2 cups grapes (halved)
-3 big apples (fuji, granny smith, braeburn, mcintosh--- whatever you like)
-1 cup of pecans (walnuts can also be used)
-1 pint of whipping cream
-----vanilla and granulated sugar to taste

remove seeds from pomegranates. set aside. halve grapes and cut apples into bite-sized pieces. combine pomegranate seeds, grapes, apples and pecans in a bowl. whip the cream, adding sugar and vanilla to taste, until fluffy (not stiff). gradually stir in whipped cream to the salad, leaving the last spoonful to garnish the top.

*courtesy of my mother!!

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Peggy said...

And here is the Dixie Salad. Oh, you really did it and like a pro! I'm proud of you.